Grace Ogonda

Grace is a Lecturer of Psychology, University of Nairobi focusing on special education and several psychology. She started her career as a Chemistry and Biology Teacher and later pursued studies that e established her  as a special needs education expert. Throughout her teaching career that spans over 35 years she has not only served at as lecturer and an  examiner at KISE and Makerere University but also been key in Curriculum development for Diploma in Special Needs Education, development of Learning materials for KISE’s Distance Learning programme and Functional Assessment tools being utilized By Curriculum Support Officers in Kenya. Grace also served as a Member of the first ever Task Force on special Needs Education that produced the “Kochung Report.” Her other contributions are service as an Editor of a special Needs Education Journal in Uganda. She has also been engaged in various researches focusing on special needs education besides offering consultancies in the same. .Previously she has worked a s Lecturer at Maseno University, Kenyatta University and the Kenya Institute of Special Education. Grace holds B.Ed Science from the University of Nairobi, a Diploma in Learning Disabilities –Copenhagen, two post graduate degrees in Special Education from University of Manchester and Teacher Education from Kenyatta University. She is Currently pursuing her doctoral studies at the University of Nairobi.