Augusta Muthigani
A. Muthigani

Augusta represents the religious fraternity in her capacity as the National Executive Secretary, Commission of Education and Religious Studies, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops-General Secretariat. In this role she coordinates education activities for over 8000 Catholic Private and sponsored public schools in Kenya. Her significant experience in education policy development, engagement, improving quality access, retention and transition and innovative, evidence-based interventions and research has seen her serve unconditionally, as member of the KISE Council for more than twenty years. She also coordinates and supervises various skills building and values development programmes targeting youth in Kenyan schools. Muthigani is also President of the Board International Catholic Education Association, participates in the Committee on Child Protection and was more recently appointed to serve in the National Steering Committee Coordinating Curriculum reforms in Kenya. She also plays an advisory role to the National Council of Churches, of Kenya, Supreme Council of Muslims in Kenya and the Hindu Council in Kenya. Muthigani, an alumni of Catholic University of East Africa, holds a Masters Degree in Religious Education and a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University. She is currently enrolled with the International Leadership University -Nairobi  for her Doctorate studies in Education Leadership.