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Library Rules and Regulations

The library services to the users start from 9.00am. Silence must be observed in the library. Use of mobile phones is prohibited. Group discussion is not allowed. Smoking, eating and drinking in the library is not allowed. The use of matches and lighters in any part of the library is forbidden. Bags, overcoats, hats or […]

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The library offers various services. Registration of library users Borrowing, returning or renewing library materials Current Awareness Services (CAS) Reference services Reading services User education services Cyber  (computers internet) services 2,547 total views, no views today

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The Library collection covers all areas of special education and related areas in various formats as follows:- Books Periodicals ( journals, bulletins &  newspapers, etc) Students diploma –theses Dictionaries, hand books and encyclopedias CD-ROMS ,DVDs, Video-tapes ,audio-tapes Government publications Braille  materials 1,976 total views, 2 views today

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Library Hours

The library is opened: Monday to Thursday      8.00 am. to 10.00 pm Friday       8.00 am to    9.00 pm Saturday   8.30 am to   4.00 pm Library is closed on all public holidays 2,299 total views, 2 views today

2,299 total views, 2 views today


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