Assessment Services

Assessment Services

Assessment Services in the following areas:

  • Visual impairment
  • Autism
  • Mental handicap
  • Physical & multiple disabilities
  • Learning difficulties
  • Speech language & communication difficulties
  • Emotional & behavioural difficulties
  • Hearing impairment

free of charge, children less than 16 years, every Tue & Thur during school calendar. Assessment is upon booking.

Rehabilitation of Children with: (Ksh. 100 per session. Mon-Fri)
• Cerebral palsy
• Delayed development Milestone
• Rickets
• General motor difficulties

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  • veronica irngu

    how is the assessment done?do you visit schools or how do you access clients?

    • Pauline Muigai

      You will come to our offices for booking, then the assessment is done at our centre at Kasarani

      • Marcom Lawrence

        Can booking be done online or on phone?

        • Pauline Muigai

          Yes. Kindly call 020 8007977

  • Mercy

    Hi, do you train individuals to become assessors?

    • Pauline Muigai

      Yes, there is a course called Functional Assessment. Intake is ongoing

  • Esther Wanjau

    At what age do you start assessing children?

  • Rukwaro

    Hello. How do we get know how best to support a 5year 7months old child with delayed development (still struggles to walk and not quite able to talk coherently) cope with schooling?

  • Daniel Onyancha

    please can i have a document on on the spellt out mandate of the kise or an act or its mandate and roles in the education sector pls
    regards onyancha

  • Daniel Onyancha

    KISE Mandate as spelt out in the act and its role in the education sector in kenya